Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lan Je Talapia Fish, Rawang.

Made a trip back to the in-laws places over the weekend. There was this place that in Rawang that sells only steam Talapia fish as its main product and they only serve it steamed. This place so pack with customers over dinner that you think they must serve so fantastic food over there. The size of the talapia fish is just about the size of the adult palm. As I understand this fish is a very cheap fish. I use to buy 3 Talapia for about RM5 when I was running a eatery in Tanjong Malim. But this place is prcing it at RM13 per fish. I can imagine thier profit margin.
Back to the food, talapia is a fresh water fish. If not cooked properly you taste the "muddy" taste of the fish when eat it. This place steam this fish well with enough ginger and chilly that it there non of this taste in the fish. I must admit that the steamed talapia they serve is quite tasty (no wonder there lots of people!). The fish meat is not only fresh but the secret lies in the gravy the fish is served in. Not too salty and the ginger not too overpowering.
They have many other dishes you can order but they specialing in only the steam talapia and imagine with that alone it can attract so many customers everyday in a small town to this place.

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