Monday, January 10, 2011

Lone Star, Auckland New Zealand

  • Happy New Year!! Not been blogging and updating this space for sometime. My personal life got the better of me for the last 10 months. What better not than to upload photos I took during one of my trips to New Zealand last year.

  • Was taken to this steak house chain called Lone Star. This place give large servings a new meaning. Boy they are huge! I ordered the ribs and it came arranged standing .

  • normal serving steak seem to be able to feed 2 adults males after a week in the dessert. I can vouch that after dinner I could not eat anything else after finishing my ribs.
  • This place being a equivalent of a McD version of a steak chain sure seem to serve a giants servings with reasonable prices (relatively of course).

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coliseum Cafe and Hotel, K.L.

  1. I heard so much about this place on it's food and history that when, in the rare occasion, I was in the city the other day I had to stop by and visit this place for lunch. This place was indeed old with a mixture of furnishing dating back to the colonial times with new ones put in as replacements. However for reasons only known to the proprietors it's not as well kept as one would hope for such a historic place. Maybe because its not been designated as a heritage site and it may not receive funding as such.
  2. Back to the food. As such it must have been a very popular place before as it offered western and European cuisine to cater for the expats then. Offers like the sizzling steak must have been extremely popular back then.
  3. As it was common now to get a steak almost anywhere in the country now, I suspect people whom patron this place must be a die hard fan or just out of curiosity like me whom had not been but want to know what the fuss is all about. I must say once in here it does gives you one nostalgic feeling and brings one back to times where it only a selected clientele can afford this place.
  4. As for the food, honestly the atmosphere and history of the whole place overwhelms what I had ordered for my first visit.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Crab Party, Singapore.

  • Was in Singapore recently and was taken to this place near Upper Serangoon road. As it was a while since I had gone to Singapore, I had some adjusting to do with my surroundings especially at eateries that serves good food. Coming from where I live, a good place to eat need nor necessary have a clean environment. Well when I walked into this place, the first impression was "is the food good?". I have one approach to indicate if the food is good is the physical environment of the restaurant. More often than not a dirty place serves better food where I come from. Thus why my normal instinct fails me here.
  • Anyway back to the food order a crab with three different styles of noodles and some tofu. The fried udon was something new for me but the Contonese style kuey teow had be reminicing for more. The serving of kuey teow was small but it was tasty. Definately must try for me again.
  • The black peppered crab was especially ordered for my wife (she is a fan of crustaceans). The crab was shown to the customer before it was cooked and served here. Only had a small taste. No comments on this as I not a big fan of crabs.
  • So the conclusion here is that a clean restaurant does not necessary mean it does not serve good food.